About Our Founder
April 18, 2018
Veteran Video Gaming Team

The Mission

Veterans VVGT, LLC a/k/a VETERAN GAMING TEAM (“VVGT”) is a well honored Veteran owned business and Illinois Terminal Operator Licensee that has developed a strategic power of changing the lives of Veterans today, tomorrow, and forever.

VVGT puts a strong emphasis on building and maintaining relationships within the community as a gateway to more philanthropic and charitable profit opportunities.

VVGT is unlike any other Licensed Terminal Operator gaming company out there. While the games may be the same, no other company is owned, operated and serviced by Veterans with a focus on Disabled Veterans.  No other company has forged relationships to give back to the Veterans like Veteran Gaming Team.   Our mission is simple, provide good product with excellent service by those who have served.  And, with profits, help those who served but have difficulty transitioning back from service.  VVGT is keen in attention to detail as ten percent of our proceeds go back to local Veteran based programs. Veteran Gaming Team offers the best business platform for you and our Veterans if charity and business revenue expansion rank highly on your list.

Our intention is to provide as much charitable outreach to the veteran community as humanly possible.  Through the proceeds our terminals earn, we will be providing assistance and employment to our veteran community.  In order to make bigger impact and more reach, we need your help.

Are you a business owner with an alcohol license?  Do you know somebody in the restaurant business who is looking for additional revenue streams while giving back to the community of veterans who have served us?

Contact us through our website to learn more about how to get machines into your establishment and beginning earning up to 5 figure additional income each month.

Why us?

We are the only terminal operator licensee in the state who give back to veterans.  Through our promotional capability we are able to reach a more expansive market in promoting your locations and businesses.

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