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April 3, 2018
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April 27, 2018

Dr. Matthew Monson D.C. was born from humble beginnings in Emmetsburg, Iowa on August 1, 1980 and was raised in neighboring Algona, Iowa.  Monson’s parents were both blue collar workers in a local factory where they both did sheet metal work.

Algona is a small, sleepy crossroads town in Northwest Iowa, but is very patriotic.  Each year the courthouse square is lined with American flags and the local high school has a display case proudly displaying all the young men and women from the community who have fought and died for their country.

Following high school, Dr. Monson enlisted in the United States Marine Corps reserves.  He enlisted on a Thursday and was sent to boot camp the following Monday, January 4.  Following boot camp he went to school of infantry to complete his initial entry training.

Dr. Monson during his service in the USMC

While still serving in the reserves, Monson enrolled at University of Iowa in 1999.  It was at University of Iowa that he was introduced to the sport of rugby.  After graduating University of Iowa in 2003 he was afforded the opportunity to play rugby for the All Marine Rugby team.

Upon returning from his travels playing for the All Marine Rugby team, Monson enrolled at Palmer in 2004 where he would continue playing rugby while studying to become a Chiropractor.  In 2008, Monson graduated from Palmer and earned his Doctor of Chiropractic degree.

Since graduation, Dr. Monson has owned and operated Hawkeye Chiropractic in Arlington Heights, IL and still plays rugby for the Old Breed Rugby team.  Old Breed Rugby plays to raise money and awareness for the 36 members of the All Marine Rugby team who have lost their lives since 2001.

Dr. Monson with a three time Special Olympics gold medalist

While at Palmer College, Dr. Monson befriended a fellow Marine who had served in the conflict in Bosnia.  Exposure to the genocide and other atrocities that were rampant in the region haunted her for the remainder of her life.  The stress of the deployment to that conflict eventually led to her being admitted to a psychiatric hospital.  After several unsuccessful treatment attempts, she ended up taking her own life.

Monson with the Old Breed Rugby Team

This was before veteran suicide was talked about.

This event was the catalyst for Dr. Monson to begin Veterans Gaming Team.  The mission of Veteran’s Gaming Team is to give back to the veteran community to prevent veteran suicide.  10% of VGT profit will go back to local veteran charities and to individual veterans and their families.  VGT will begin rolling out some of these benefits the summer of 2018, and hopefully be able to donate one motorized wheelchair to a veteran every month.

Dr. Monson with the crew of the Blue Angels transport “Fat Albert”

We are looking for assistance in the community.  If you would like to participate in this mission please feel free to contact us.  The motto of VGT is “Never in front, never behind, always with you.”

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