Welcome to Veteran Video Gaming Team

Our Mission

VETERAN GAMING TEAM is an honored Certified Veteran owned business, an Illinois Terminal Operator Licensee and the only certified Veteran Owned Business with our licenses in the entire United States. We have developed a strategy to change the lives of Veterans and First Responders today, tomorrow, and forever.

While all the games are the same: No other company is committed to making our partnership succeed at the levels in which our team operates.

No other company is owned, operated and serviced by Veterans and First Responders.
No other company has forged relationships to give back to the Veterans and First Responders like Veteran Gaming Team. Ten percent of our proceeds will go back to local Veteran and First Responder based programs.

If philanthropy, business revenue and expansion rank highly on your list, Veteran Gaming Team offers the best business platform.

Are You Ready for Games?

Veteran Gaming Team is dedicated to delivering the newest and best games on the market. We actively use and work with Bally, WMS, IGT, Spielo, M3T, and Novomatic.

We have composed a well versed and talented operations team to streamline your licencing process, customize your marketing strategy and compliment your community relations. Contact us today to get started!

Bally - Video Gaming Equipment
WMS - Video Gaming Equipment
Spielo - Video Gaming Equipment
Novomatic - Video Gaming Equipment
IGT - Video Gaming Equipment
M3T - Video Gaming Equipment